Who's winning on Facebook?

Trump pulls ahead.

Posted on 12/28/2015
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I took some time this week to reflect and consider a little bit after Christmas.  I check eLIKEtion daily and I noticed a few trends.  As you might have noticed, Donald Trump has taken the top spot It seems that the former golden child Ben Carson started losing steam at the beginning of December.  It could be attributed to “Hummus” gaffe, or any number of issues.  Or it could just be what some analysts thought of all along, that Ben Carson was a flash in the pan.  Either way, the top spot now belongs to Donald Trump on Facebook.  


Donald Trump has overtaken him in overall likes and shows no sign of slowing down.  To get another “the Donalds” gravitas, I adjusted our Tweetvolume to capture all of the tweets mentioning each of the candidates so I might get an idea of how much the candidates were also being talked about.  Over the last 7 days, Trump has commanded all of the conversation, getting mentioned in 55% (304,665) of 553,711 tweets that had a candidate handle in them.  Talk about a lot of bluster.   

We’ve also integrated the Tumblr blog into the website, so look for a more brisk publishing pace in the future.  

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