Who's winning on Facebook?

And then there were seven.

Posted on 02/24/2016
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It’s been a couple of months since we’ve updated this blog, and in a presidential election season, that’s a lifetime. Take a look at the data with the current crop of candidates.

In addition to Facebook data and news sources, we’ve been capturing and saving Twitter data, including volume of posts from the candidates, as well as tweet activity compared to the general Twittersphere. Should eLIKEtion’s popularity take off– and we have time –– we may add this information to the site.

We’ve been pruning candidates off the site as they suspend their campaigns, but fear not, we retain their data for future postmortem analysis, or in case they rise from the dead. Anything can happen these days. Come Super Tuesday, I believe the field will be winnowed further from seven today to a number closer to four. (We also started capturing Michael Bloomberg’s Twitter and Facebook data, just in case he decides to battle it out with his fellow New York billionaire.)

We’ve been recording tweets for political actors (@POTUS, @realDonaldTrump, and other candidates) and recording the mentions of each candidate. We’ve also been tracking the rates in which candidates have been tweeting themselves; For a little context here are some raw numbers:

Hillary & Faux Trump

(1/7 to now)

Tweets Per Day (48 Days)

@candiate mentions/hr

Donald Trump



Hillary Clinton



Ted Cruz



Bernie Sanders



Of the candidates we watch on Twitter, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are essentially blowing up my poor little server with their volume of tweets. Since Jan 7, Trump has been mentioned in 43.4% of all tweets containing names of any candidates. Clinton comes in a distant second during that time period, factoring in 18.5%. Bernie Sanders says the most, but gets the fewest mentions.